About Greasy Groove Inc.

We do what we do because we love it and can't imagine doing anything different.

We specialize in Parts that easily fit or bolt on to your prize possession and change the appearance without destroying its integrity.

Located in beautiful Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada (in a heritage building that once housed the Amherst Piano Factory). Our location suits us well for dealing with the entirety of North America and our overseas customers. We have very strong ties with both the North American and the European music industry and travel frequently to the many trade shows that support our industry (NAMM & MAIC etc.).

Greasy Groove Inc. was the first to produce stock graphical pickguards and is still a world leader in the innovation of these products.  We have the worlds largest selection of custom pickguard designs and its growing daily.   Our aim is your 100% satisfaction with our products.  As well as our online sales we also work with major OEM's to develop their products and have our products proudly displayed on some terrific guiats that have been produced over the years.  The founder of the company (Davey Lee Goode) has been working on his own Guitars for circa 30+ years and has gained a great reputation for his work. He was asked to work on Custom projects for a wide array of people and has been doing Custom work for a select crowd for a number of years. The company was expanded in 2003, to what we now know as Greasy Groove inc., to enable us to provide our services to a much wider customer base and we have built a product line of our own - this is of course ever expanding and we always ensure that anything that we do maintains our exacting level of workmanship..

Our work is carried out by skilled personnel and utilizes highly accurate engineering proven techniques to maintain a high quality to what we do.... create products that delight the customer and do so with respect to both the business and the artist alike.

Our highly equipped Custom Shop and Design team can tackle the most adventurous of projects and we specialize in taking on new and creative projects. We thrive on new ideas, innovation and doing something unique. Our creative team is built on a love for what we do and your satisfaction is our goal.

We can't wait to get started on your project.

Team Greasy Groove