The Greasy Groove Inc. custom shop facility is home to exciting development projects, unique custom builds and instrument modifications. Everything we do in our custom shop is a one-off and totally unique to each job, and we’re able to give it a level of detail and precision that your project deserves. Our facility will be pleased to hear about your project builds and is there to help your ideas come to life.

We continue to constantly develop and expand our capabilities. We can take your images and create your visualized graphic. We can cut any profile and make items from a tracing or duplicate an original part. Unlike some facilities, we are a fully equipped production facility with fully equipped shop. Applying graphics to products is our speciality but make no mistake, we are way more than a graphic facility.

The process is easy! Provided we have the necessary materials in stock, we can build the product you’re looking for. We charge the retail price shown on our site for the model you want to modify, plus a nominal custom shop fee starting at $20.

Contact us for any further questions you may have.

Custom Pickguards

If you’ve browsed our website and found that would be perfect If we offered it in an alternate profile or design, don’t worry, we can do that for you. We can build it. The skilled technicians in our Custom Shop can build a custom product for you

We just need a few things from you.

  • 1. A tracing of your original pickguard.. if you are unsure of how to do this check out our Tracing Tutorial
  • 2. If it is a change to the profile of the pickguard we will need a detailed description of the changes you would like made (ie. no neck pickup)
  • 3. The graphic you want applied (ie. Abstact 15) or if it is a custom graphic see image table below for image size examples
  • 4. Your contact information... name, address, email

Then send the tracing and info via snail mail, we will contact you once we receive the package.

Custom Graphics for Pickguards, Drum Heads, Graphical Neck Plates and Snare Heads

We have an in house graphic shop that can rework your images or add cool stuff to text or logos. We can create or adapt designs based on your needs. As an example – if you have multiple images that you want to merge to create one larger – we can do that for you. All custom designs are unique and needs vary widely – please contact us to discuss your project, and let us take care of your graphic needs for you. We will be happy to provide you a competitive quote and explain how our graphic design services, drafting and approval process works.

Image Quality

When you send us an image please ensure that it is of an adequate quality for your needs. The quality of your image with determine the quality of the final print. Please contact us if you need advice on whether your image will work on your product choice. If you are unsure about the image size highlight the image with your mouse pointer, right click and view the properties > details